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Winter Driver's Training for Teens & Adults


I am proud of you for looking into opportunities to build a better understanding of winter driving.  Education builds understanding, understanding builds confidence, and confidence  builds safer and more aware drivers.   You have taken the first step to lowing your risk on the road. 


It amazes me how few training opportunities there are out there when many of us drive on snow covered roads 1/3 of the year.  I have developed a course that will build confidence in all drivers.  


The Winter Driver was built on the philosophy its founding company (The Enhanced Driving Institute):  "Education is the key ingredient to reducing car crashes in this country".   As a Law Enforcement Officer for many years I have seen the direct result of poor training and  minimal understanding of even some of the basic concepts of traction, weight transfer and loss of control recovery.  


This course is the most in-depth Winter Driver training you can get as we cover everything from basic preparation, safety kit, vehicle technology and loss of control exercises to help build skill and understanding.  In two hours, you can expect to be more educated than 95% of the Winter Driver's you share the road with.  


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or go ahead and get started by clicking the Buy Now button.  This will be the best investment in your road safety you can make.  

2 HOUR  


Save $50 p/year on Insurance *


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this course?

* Most Insurance Companies will provide a discount on your policy for additional driver's education ($25-$75 depending on carrier).  Upon completion of this course,  request a certificate to provide your insurance carrier.  

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