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I was a Deputy Sheriff for 7 years before leaving to obtain my MBA.  Upon completition I wanted to give back to the community so I started a driving school - the Enhanced Driving Institute 7 years ago.  This wasn't your typical boring class and driver's manual but I built a program from the ground up that provided a higher level of education in a fun learning environment.  My driving school became the top driving school in SE MN in less then 4 years.  I added the Winter Driving Course a year later as the demand for this training was high.   It started as a requested course from a few parents who saw how much their teen was struggling with winter driving, yet they didn't know how to help them.  The structure of the course focuses on key concepts that build up to traction loss.  I feel if a driver understands two concepts; weight transfer and traction they will have lowered their winter driving risk substantially.   

This course grew very quickly to where I wasn't able to meet the classroom demand for this training.  This wasn't a surprise to me as most drivers have had little to no instruction on how to handle a vehicle in adverse conditions. After a lot of time, research and editing... our online winter driver course took off and allowed teens and adults to do the training in their home.  It became clear last year that our server could not handle all the online use of the course so we moved to the DVD option.  I should have thought of this in the first place as it make more sense and allows our students to train at their convenience without the need for online access.    

Skills build from understanding and a commitment to practice.  My winter driving skills have been developed over 20 years of driving in adverse weather.  Growing up on the North Shore of MN, your faced with some challenging driving environments when the winter season begins.  I trained myself in many of the foundational principles of traction and loss of control correction.  Later my law enforcement road training would fill in the gaps.  I combined my understanding, training and research to build a course that will benefit drivers of all ages and experience levels  in winter driving.  - Adam Newbloom

Passionate about Safety​


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