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IAllState cut my auto insurance by $30 p/year for taking this course.  This course basicially paid for itself for the next year!                                     - Paul V. 


Amy Ranveer

Adam - Thank you for your investment in young people's skills and the safety of every one on our roads. I truly appreciate your philosophy and approach to driver training.  I was able to attend your Winter Driving Classroom course with my son and could not believe how much I got out of it.  Though I'd never been in a "crash" - as you like to call it, I feel better about being prepared for the possibility and how to prevent it.  

Loree Sanders

I am sending you a note to compliment you on your excellent program.  Our interactions with your institute over the past several months have been very professional, helpful, and engaging for our children. I feel you have put an emphasis on all the important aspects of driving.   Our children learned much about driving and the importance of safety.   Thank you, and we'll see you again soon as our son is old enough to begin his driving career!! 

Jim Presly 

We have been very impressed by your program. I only wish that our four older kids had all had the chance to take it. We have supplemented their skills whenever possible with hands on development, and in Katherine's case, with a teen course at Bondurant. We'll plan to do the same with our daughter when she's a more experienced driver. Your program has been a blessing to her, and to us, and we will continue our word of mouth advertisement."   -  Best regards

Robert & Julie

I grew up in South Carolina and really no experience driving in the snow.  When we were forced to move to Minnesota for family reasons it was a rude awakening my first day driving in the white stuff.  I looked everywhere for an course on winter driving and found little.  Your course really explained much of what confused me about driving in the snow.  I'm surprised I hadn't had an accident in the rain as I never knew how little traction you have on wet surfaces too!  Thank you so much!  My friends back home have no idea how easy they have it on southern roads.  

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