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This course goes well beyond what we can do in a classroom course.  Not only is the format interesting and easy to follow but it gives you the sense of being in a classroom.  We also built in animation and effects to help you further understand the concepts.  Unlike typical driver's eduational courses that require a lot of reading and someone is talking in the background, this course has an on screen instructor guiding you through the material.  We keep things light at times and we don't hold back on the serious topics or visual aids.  


•   Online Winter Driver Course (1.5 - 2 hours in length)
•   Quizzes along the way to help with retention
•   Print Material and a completion certificate to submit to your insurance company. 
•   Outline to print and follow along with.
•   4 detailed exercises to help improve understanding and skill in loss of control correction.


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$35 free shipping (5 - 7 days)

* Most Insurance Companies will provide a discount on your policy for additional driver's education, especially
a winter driver's course.  Upon completion of this course,  request a certificate to provide your insurance carrier.  

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